"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Educational Program​


Our Educational Programs reflect the Early Years Learning Framework. Using the framework, its learning outcomes and its principles as our base, positive learning is achieved through play, learning relationships between our Educators and the Children and enhanced through intentional teaching. Learning is conducted in both small and large groups, individually and through projects.

Our Programs and routines are implemented in ways that maximise opportunities for each child’s learning and our Educators ensure that Each child’s current knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities, and interests are the foundation of the program.

Here at Mighty Kidz we believe in the importance of learning through play.  Play provides opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create, improvise, and imagine.

School Readiness Program


An Early Childhood Teacher plans and implements our School Readiness program.

The program is implemented daily and includes activities which promote number and letter recognition, shape and colour recognition, basic concepts, pencil grip, sorting, sounds and basic writing.

Our school readiness program encourages the children to be socially and emotionally ready to make the big transition to primary school. 

Our school readiness program covers the following: 

  • Encouraging self help skills, such as hygienic toileting, being responsible for own belongings, self serving meals, self dressing and 

  • Being able to separate from parents/ families without becoming too upset, waving goodbye and beginning the day relaxed, comfortable and happy. 

  • Encouraging positive learning relationships with other children and educators. This involves learning to be respectful to one and other and engage in positive conversations as well as being confident in asking questions, asking for assistance and sharing opinions.

  • Being able to engage in group learning experiences and take direction from educators. 

  • Engaging in learning experiences with others and initiating own choices of activities. 


Our school readiness program also encourages some basic learning skills: 

  • Daily alphabet and sound recognition 

  • Recognition of days of the week, months in the year and the seasons

  • Multicultural greetings- hello from different places in the world 

  • Name recognition 

  • Colours and counting 

  • Exploration of different concepts through science 

  • The use of the interactive smart board

Excursions takes place to the local primary schools which will allow the children to become familiar with their kindergarten environment. The children also enjoy lunch box days and school uniform dress up days which is an exciting way of preparing the children for what big school is all about

ELLA Language


The Children in our Preschool Room engage in the ELLA (Early Leaning Language Australia) program. 

At present, they are exploring 'French'. In 2018, we will be exploring Chinese (Mandarin).

Each day the children participate in an intention teaching group time with an Early Childhood Teacher as they engage in verbal learning activities. The group experience is followed by interactive small group experiences using iPads to explore different activities in the French language. These include, French greetings, basic words and colours.  

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Extra Curricular Activities

At Mighty Kidz we are constantly engaging the children in exciting and stimulating extra-Curricular activities such as  Boogie Shoes- Creative Movement for Early Learning and Happy Feet Fitness Classes

Happy Feet Fitness
Boogie Shoes


The Preschool aged children engage in yoga each day. 

Each yoga class is presented by the preschool room educators